Kalamunda Modern, a fine art gallery in Perth, is an international art gallery housed in the most singular residence of Kalamunda which was designed and built by Roman Antoniuk.
The fine art gallery in Perth, Kalamunda Modern, is a new, purpose-built, commercial art gallery showing major exhibitions of international artists interspersed with “cameo” presentations.

The art gallery’s point of recognition are a huge, rammed earth, sculpted bobtail lizard and the curved wall entrance to the Kalamunda Modern fine art gallery, both built by Roman Antoniuk.

Kalamunda Modern, the fine art gallery in Perth, lies in bucolic hills, a short journey from Perth’s city centre in Western Australia.
The town of Kalamunda offers amenities not merely for supporting a visit to an exhibition
at the fine art gallery Perth, Kalamunda Modern, but is also a gateway to nearby vineyards and beauty spots associated with some of Australia’s greatest artists: Howard Taylor, Guy Grey-Smith, Robert Juniper and Elise Blumann.

Kalamunda Modern, the fine art gallery in Perth, was opened on 20th May 2016 by the Hon. John Day, Minister for Culture and the Arts. The inaugural exhibition presented the work of international artists Georg Thumbach, Germany and Akashi Murakami, Japan.
This was the first exhibition for both artists in Australia.

The fine art gallery, Kalamunda Modern is managed and directed and the exhibitions curated by Roma Babuniak.