Kalamunda Modern is extending the cameo exhibitions and is pleased to offer the gallery space for hire to professional artists.


The cost of renting the gallery is $2,400 for 24 days.
This includes 2 days to set up, 1 day for opening and 1 day to take down.


  • NO COMMISSION  taken from sold work.
  • Gallery Manager and technical assistance with set-up.
    Gallery space: Wall height 2.65m, space approx. 9.m x 8m.
  • Professional lighting: Erco floods and spots.
  • Use of gallery plinths.
  • Wall sockets at floor level.
  • Invitations sent to gallery mailing list.
  • Your exhibition appears on gallery website.
  • Your exhibition appears on our promotion sites.
  • Small repairs and touch up of paint on walls after exhibition is included.
  • Glasses and liquid refreshment  for opening only, supplied by gallery.
  • Free parking during delivery and setting-up.

NO :

  • Kalamunda Modern has public liability insurance, but it is your responsibility to insure your artwork.
  • Kalamunda Modern takes  no responsibility for damage or theft during your exhibition.
  • Advertising your exhibition is your responsibility.
  • Kalamunda Modern never charges entry fees.
  • Drilling into floors or ceilings is not permitted.
  • Removing of artwork before end of exhibition is not allowed.
  • Kalamunda Modern has the right to refuse exhibition of offensive material.
  • Smoking and food are not permitted at anytime anywhere.


Please send your artist’s c.v., your exhibition proposal, up to 15 JPG images of recent work NOT enhanced by Photoshop and suggested dates of exhibition by email. We will contact successful applicants to visit the gallery and discuss the exhibition.


Your artist’s c.v. in Word which we print and hang in A1 during the exhibition , we reserve the right to use our format.

You provide a list of your artwork with title, size, media, year of production,  price etc. for the public liability insurance.

A release of copyright of your images for Kalamunda Modern  to use as possible publicity material.


  •  Your exhibition opening takes place on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  •   Setting-up takes place on Thursday and Friday before the opening.
  •   Saturday is reserved for gallery cleaning and preparations  for the opening.
  •   Taking down the exhibition  takes place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Monday after the last exhibition     day. Everything must be remove
  • Kalamunda Modern provides staff to help with liquid refreshments during the opening.
  •  Music is not permitted.
  •  Unseemly behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.
  •  During your exhibition, the gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  •  It is to your responsibility to organise invigilation of your exhibition, but the gallery manager is on
  •  site each day during the exhibition for professional assistance and advice, but not to invigilate your
  •  exhibition or sell your work.
  • It is your responsibility to process sales at the opening and during the exhibition.
  • Sales and the delivery of sold work is entirely your responsibility.
  • Sold work may not be kept in the gallery after the end of your exhibition.
  • A deposit of $500 must be made when signing the agreement. The remainder must be paid at least one month prior to the opening. If not, the exhibition will  automatically be cancelled
  •  The wording on your invitation must be in agreement with the Kalamunda Modern management.
  •  If you wish somebody to introduce the exhibition, this should  be included in your invitation.
  •  If you would like to give an artist’s talk, this usually takes place on a week-end afternoon and should be included in your invitation, chair hire is your responsibility, we can suggest a hire company.
  •  All your publicity must include the  Kalamunda Modern logo.
  •  Invitations should be sent three weeks prior to the opening. Other than the invitations from the Kalamunda Modern mailing list, this is your responsibility.
  •  Work other than that agreed to for exhibition may not be exhibited.
  • Your artwork must be ready to hang or install. You must consult the gallery manager about any technicalities,  hanging suitability and 3-D work presentation.
  •  All artwork must be numbered and correspond to the price list numbering and that on the walls.